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What is Road Defender?

Road Defender is a post apocalyptic convoy survival game. You must battle to escape the wasteland and defend your convoy from wave after wave of maurading enemies hell bent on your destruction. As the fleet's eyes in the sky, you command your vehicles from the seat of a gyrocopter barreling down a long uninviting highway. Platform: PC (custom ports planned for mobile and console)

More About Road Defender

Road Defender's Past

Road Defender was first conceived in 2006 during a late night hang out session consisting of Dough McMahan and Caleb Garner. The inspiration started with movie "The Road Warrior" recalling the chase scene at the end, but it quickly moved beyond that with influences from arcade games like Spy Hunter to Steve Jackson's "Car Wors", to many other films and games that fit well into the matured vision of what the game will be. A few years later Part12 Studios made several prototypes of Road Defender with different available technology and resources. These prototypes helped Road Defender become refined.

Road Defender Today

We're very excited about the future of Road Defender because the technology available, our team and many other factors have made this the perfect time to make it the full 3D spectacle it was always meant to be. We now have what it takes to deliver this to gamers everywhere with the help of backers from Kickstarter! Please sign up for our email list to stay in the loop and please feel free to reach out.

Road Defender Feature Highlights

There is so much to say about this game, but for brevity, they come down to three key angles.

1. Tower Defense Meets Diesel Action

Tower defense games hold a very common concept. The battlefield is static. The enemy crosses a field of some kind and you fight them off by building a rigid path for maximum efficiency and strategy. With Road Defender the Battlefield is in motion and this offers two major distinctions. The first is that turrets are not stationary objects, they occupy slots on the backs of large player controlled vehicles which allows the player to position vehicles anywhere they want through the course of battle. Also hazards will come along the way forcing you to prepare for those surprises along the way. Enemy AI has adaptive logic constantly looking to assess the convoy to find a weakness not just cross an arbitrary point in space. The other is that there are a broad range of special moves that can be used to help buy time. Spy Hunter and Car Wars inspired items like oil slick, smoke screen, landmines, spikes and many others.

2. Story and Character Development

The world's fate in this situation was meteors causing a near-extinction level event filling the world with a kind of "desert winter" of dust fog that humanity must endure and survive. You must escape a massive toxic storm consuming everything in it's path including recently lost colonies and your own eastern patrol team. You escape barely getting out of there in time and now are on a mission to head west as fast and as far as you can to out pace the storm. As you travel you stop at various pockets of civilization to repair / upgrade your convoy. Each vehicle you add is not just a lifeless hunk of metal that you thoughtlessly lose or sacrifice. Each vehicle has a named driver who will have a voice actor providing the voice and their spoken dialog will respond to others in the convoy and say different things along the way to the completion of the campaign mode. Depending on who lives and who dies or are never unlocked will shape different conversations and responses.

3. Retro Future Science Fiction

The game is set in an alternate 1996. We wanted to convey a kind of 80's perspective of what the near future would be like so while we have some cool technology like the augmented reality 3d projection system, we wanted it to feel more like something out of battlezone or escape from new york than what we see in todays high tech HUD systems like Iron Man or the film Oblivion. The game is also tapping heavy into the nostalgia of those times by also creating the music for it with instruments, computers and effects that are from the early 90's and 80's to create music that are influenced both in sound and in composition and style. Along the way you find various mix tapes which you can play as the soundtrack while you fly above in your gyrocopter.


Road Defender Prototype YouTube

September Extended Video from Boston Festival of Indie Games YouTube

Pre-1996 soundtrack studio demo YouTube


download all screenshots & photos as .zip (4MB)

There are far more images available for The Road Defender, but these are the ones we felt would be most useful to you. If you have specific requests, please do contact us!


Awards & Recognition

  • "Best Game Concept Runner-Up" - Best Game Concept Runner Up, 15 Apri, 2012


  • "I really like the whole idea."
    - Will Brierly, Soda Drinker Pro
  • "It's sadistic fun for both hardcore and casual gamers alike. Superlative!"
    - Pat Bordenave, The Geek Down on WEMF Radio
  • "This is one of the coolest ideas for a game... ever. I know Caleb Garner and his team can pull it off - and wow all of us in the process."
    - Luis Levy, Novy PR

Part12 Studios Home
If you'd like to know more about other work visit us at http://part12studios.com.

Team & Repeating Collaborators

Caleb Garner
Game Designer / Musician

Allen Seitz
Lead Developer, Unity3D

Roger Avery
Developer, Unity3D

James Spavold
Assistant Developer, Unity3D

Sam Bonin
3D Modeler

Tim Marshall
3D Textures and Modeling

George Menjin

Sam Adonis

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